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Your Legacy Safeguard ID Card

Legacy Safeguard members receive an ID card that will help them contact us in an emergency. It includes our toll-free phone number, your access ID information and your advisor’s contact information.

Information on your Legacy Safeguard ID Card:
  • A 24 Hour Toll Free Number
  • Access ID
  • Provider Name and Phone Number
  • Summary of Legacy Safeguard benefits
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How will YOU

Legacy Planning Services
You want your loved ones to know and carry on your values, but it can also be difficult to make sure they are communicated. Enough preparation during this stage of life has a huge positive impact on families, and you can help prevent some of the difficulties after you’re gone

Wishes for Final Arrangements
In Legacy Planning Archive, your financial, legal, personal and family-related issues are confidentially
archived, making your final wishes available immediately. This enables your memorial service to be organized according to your desires. Or, the entire memorial service could be planned in advance, reducing one more layer of stress and uncertainty for your family.

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Legacy Planning Guide Software:

Legacy Planning Services
There are many details of your life that matter. That could include everything like your family values, your financial account details, and even favorite possessions or how to care for a beloved pet. How can you make sure that information — your legacy — is shared with the right people?

That’s what our Legacy Planning Guide software does for you. We have created a simple and secure place where you can record your legacy information and share it with those who matter most to you. We’ve designed it to be simple to install and use. All of your legacy information is organized into sections to make it quick to access and everything is secured for your peace of mind.

Sections of the software include:

  • Family Values
  • Personal Information
  • Valued Possession
  • Online Account Information
  •  Pet Care Instructions
  • Historical Insights
  • Financial Accounts
  • Final Wishes
  • And More

Backup and Customization Options

The Legacy Planning Guide software has data backup and customization options to make using the system easier and more secure.

First, you can back up your information to your computer, quickly and easily. You can also print a formatted copy that can be placed in your Legacy Safeguard Planning Guide.

Using the software is simpler with example guides, plus a customized homepage view with your favorite family photo.
Plan today  so your family doesn't have to in the future.

Support For Survivors

After someone’s death, the survivors will go through a tremendous amount of stress and grief. There is no telling how it will affect your family. Just know that it will. This grief, at times, can be too much to bear. Legacy Safeguard’s Support for Survivor benefits can assist grieving families with any unexpected situations that may arise.

Personalized Assistance
When needed, Legacy Safeguard advisors are available to relieve any type of stress that can accompany the death of a loved one. We’re here for you with personalized assistance.

Grief Counseling Support
The grief that accompanies death can sometimes be devastating. You might need some support and we can help you find the assistance that’s right for you.

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Create a Living Will and Other Legal Documents

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Last Will and Testament 
Distribute your property, name guardians and appoint an executor
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Living Will 
Let others know your health care decisions
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Durable Power of Attorney 
Appoint someone to communicate your decisions if you can’t
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Pet Guardian Trust 
Appoint someone to care for your pets
Plan today  so your family doesn't have to in the future. 4.07.29 pm
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